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Big Daddy is film starring Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams, Jon Stewart, Kristy Swanson, Leslie Mann, Rob Schneider, Cole and Dylan Sprouse. The film's plot revolves around Sonny Koufax being burdened with young Julian McGrath-Gerrity and how he eventually comes to love the child as her own.  A heart warming tale about the love of one man and his 'child'.

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Julian McGrath-Gerrity


Julian as he appears played by Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

Julian McGrath-Gerrity is the main character in the film Big Daddy. He is the son of Jan McGrath and Kevin Gerrity. He was briefly adopted by Sonny Koufax, with whom he is still close friends with. He is played by Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

Julian was born in July 15th 1994. He grew up with his mother Jan McGrath, as his father Kevin Gerrity presumably thought of their encounter as a one-night stand. Little is known about Julian's life with his mother, but it is thought that he was a very happy, normal child. During 1999, Julian's mother was diagnosed with cancer and,(more..)

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